Location & Event HQ

Rooted in the magnificent south west of Ireland, the Beast of Ballyhoura takes places in the Ballyhoura region and surroundings counties of Cork, Limerick & Tipperary. This year's event HQ will the returning to where it all began, in the mountain village of Kilfinane County Limerick.

Kilfinane (Event HQ)

The 10th anniversary of the Ballyhoura Beast 2016 will be staged from Kilfinane. This mountain village in County Limerick, in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East lies close to the Ballyhoura Mountains and the world renowned Bike Trails. For this, the Beast’s 10th birthday, we return for another epic year, back to its roots in the heartlands of Ballyhoura Country.

Event HQ: Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Republic of Ireland


Ballyhoura Luxury Hostel is located on Kilfinane’s main street, extremely comfortable with all mod cons available, sauna included! There are also several self catering and guesthouses to rent in and around the village. A full list can be found on the www.visitballyhoura.com website. The beast team also aim to provide camping facilities for everyone in the town from Friday 29th July to Monday 1st August as an alternative option.

Food & Services

There are grocery stores with ATM, takeaway facilities and a restaurant in Kilfinane. Mitchelstown is about 20 minutes’ drive away and Kilmallock 10 minutes drive from the village.

Ballyhoura Luxury Hostel