Kit List

Unless it is otherwise stated all kit is Mandatory. Mandatory means you must come to the race with it and carry it at all times unless otherwise stated. Spot checks will take place during the race.

Team Kit

  • 1 X Set of Maps OSI & Orienteering Maps (all supplied by event)
  • 2 X Indelible felt tip pen
  • 2 X Mobile phone (with dry bags). These will be sealed before event start and should only be used in the event of an emergency
  • 1 X First aid kit (1crepe bandage, 1 triangle bandage, 2 safety pins, 1 wound dressing & 6 adhesive dressings as a minimum)
  • 1 X Bike repair kit (at least sufficient to repair puncture and broken chains)
  • 2 X Compass
  • 1 X Large Drybag (to hold wetsuits, kayak back rests and PFDs)
  • 1 X 4 person Tent (NOT TO BE CARRIED)(must be suitable for all 4 team members, 2 * 2 person tents are also acceptable)
  • 1 X Shelter (bothy) big enough for your entire team, and to be carried on all stages. (don't try to cramp all 4 into a 2 person shelter, your life may depend on it)
  • 1 X Bike lock (large enough to lock 4 bikes together)

Individual Kit

  • 1 X Climbing Harness
  • 1 X Climbing Helmet (It must be a climbing or multisport helmet, Cycle helmets will not be premitted)
  • 1 X Mountain bike
  • 1 X Front bike light (a good head torch will do)
  • 1 X Rear bike light (must be fitted to the bike at all times)
  • 1 X Head Torch
  • 1 X Spare batteries for all lights
  • 1 X Cycle helmet
  • 1 X Whistle
  • 1 X Space blanket/bag (foil or orange type)
  • 1 X Full leg cover (must be carried if not worn)
  • 1 X Spare Long Sleeved Top
  • 1 X Waterproof Coat
  • 1 X Waterproof Trousers
  • 1 X Rucksack
  • 2 x Roll of duct tape (For bike boxes)
  • 1 X Wetsuit (Full length arms and legs, suitable for coasteering/caving type activities, good strong footwear also recommended for this section)
  • 1 X Full change of clothes for after the event (Recommended not Mandatory, we will not be finishing back at the event centre, showers and hot food will be available at €30 per team)

Prohibited Kit

  • GPS devices. Includes devices that show your position, display maps, distance travelled etc. (excludes GPS trackers provided by the organizers).
  • Distance measuring devices such as foot pod accelerometers and pedometers. (cycle computers exempt)
  • Mobile phones, radios, other communications or internet access devices etc.(excluding the compulsory emergency phone sealed prior to the race).
  • Maps other than those provided by the organisers (specifically from race start to crossing the finish line).
  • Firearms, night/ nocturnal vision devices.
  • Fins during any swim section.
  • Sails during any kayak section.

Kit Boxes & Transport

A sturdy bag will also be needed for wet gear (wet suits etc., so you may want to use a large dry bag). These and the 4 bike boxes below will be transported to the transitions areas of the race. Exact details will be contained in the race booklet which you will get when you sign on for the event. A box or sturdy duffel bag to carry general kit like dry cloths, change of shoes, tent etc. We will transport these bags & boxes.

Bikes & Bike Boxes

All 4 team members will need a mountain bike in good working order; it will be your teams call on what type of tyres and pedals you use on each of them. The route will use a wide verity of surfaces from good roads to man-made single track trails. If you choose to use SPD's you may have to carry your own running shoes at some stage. Rear lights must be fitted at all times and used during poor weather and night.

Bike Boxes

  • One of the unique aspects of this event is the un-supported nature
  • The use of bike boxes make it easier for us to transport your team's bikes
  • The organizers will provide plastic bike boxes to the competitors, these will need to be taped together and teams race number and your names added to each box, we will supply numbers at sign-on for bikes, bike boxes and duffle bags
  • Teams must fix one number to each bike
  • Teams must fix two numbers to each bike box, one on the front and one on the back
  • Bike boxes - 140 cm long * 80 cm high * 30 cm wide
  • Each cycle box needs to be secured with two tie downs at all times which we will supply you with
  • Only boxes supplied by the organizers may be used, teams can't use their own bike boxes
  • Sufficient packing/Duck tape is required to strengthen, seal and reseal bike boxes; teams must supply their own tape. Two rolls of tape per competitor, one to strengthen box before expedition start and one to be kept in box during event for repairs. Padding for the inside of the boxes to prevent damage to bikes can also be provided by teams
  • Max weight limit per box 25kg
  • Organizers will move these boxes to various points on the course
  • Boxes will be available at designated transition areas somewhere on route. More info on these areas will be in the route book


We will supply and transport all kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aids. Kayaks used will be 2 person sit-on-tops (these are the kayaks we'll be using). Teams may bring their own backrests and paddles if they want, these need to be clearly marked with your team number